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Duration of session(s): Mediumship Reading (35 min) & Distance Healing (45 min)

Ready to meet Scandinavia's most trusted medium, then take advantage of this special offer and SAVE BIG.

connecting to the other side

Modern spiritualism or mediumship has been around for many generations, dating back to 1848 when the Fox sisters for the first time demonstrated to the world how they were able to communicate with Spirits, this event took place in a former small US town called, Hydeville (now part of Lily Dale Assembly). Today, mediumship has become mainstream for a lot of people and it is not uncommon to visit a medium for spiritual advice.

The reasons for reaching out to a medium can be many and varied. The majority of people booking time with a medium are often seeking closure from a loss, they might be missing their loved ones, or perhaps they are seeking guidance, messages and answers to certain questions. Some also are seeking healing.

Finding the best medium can feel like being in a maze, it isn't always easy to find the right medium - how do you filter through the many mediums on the internet, you may ask?  A good start when searching for a professional medium is to ensure that there is a good chemistry between the two of you as well as making sure that the medium is dedicated to providing you with information that is for your highest good.

A good starting place is to establish if your medium demonstrates good ethics and that his/her intention serves only what benefits you the most and not the ego of the medium.  Afterall, good standards and ethics are the building block to a successful reading.

Before your reading starts, always make sure the medium has explained how he/she conducts a reading. The process behind a good reading is of great importance and it is often seen as a sacred path towards deeper healing. It is ultimately the process that will help you get the important messages when you need them the most.


In addition,, when receiving a mediumship-reading, make sure you DO NOT FEED the medium with any information. After all, the information you receive during a reading can only be TRUSTED when you can validate the information given to you, this is when you can be sure  that the messages you receive are indeed coming from Spirit.

So in essence if you want to experience a good reading session, ensure to honour the sacred proces. The ethical conduct of a professional medium has been designed to serve you, the medium and of course Spirit.   

Medium & Spiritual Advisor

Another important thing to consider when filtering through the many mediums is to ensure the medium has online testimonies available for your perusal. This way you can get an understanding of what other clients have experienced when they went on their spiritual journey and it will also help you discover the gift of the medium you have selected.

Finally, you will also want to establish if the values and beliefs of your medium resonates with your own values - after all, this is the only way you can go into a reading feeling safe and in good hands during a reading.

This is where a certified medium from an international accredited spiritual school, institutions or academy can be of most value to you - providing you with valuable information just when you most need it.

To give you the opportunity to connect with one of Scandinavia's most TRUSTED, Medium Healer & Spiritual Advisor, a introductory video has been made available for your viewing.


The advantage of connecting with Scandinavia's leading spiritual advisor is that you get the opportunity to experience what it feels like when a medium goes beyond the traditional mediumship approaches. This is something Henrik learned when he joined the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development - (LWISSD) in the USA.

Henrik's special gift as a psychic medium healer is his ability to establish a sacred connection with the Spiritual world. He is the conduit of unconditional love & healing and that is what makes him thrive. Learn more about Henrik today.  

Click the Youtube video below to explore a bit more about Scandinavia's trusted medium, this will further help you decide if your next mediumship reading will be with him.

The Sacred Spiritual Advisor

Henrik shares some of his experience as a spiritual advisor, psychic, medium healer.

Trusted Psychic


International  Accredited          &         Certified

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