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Within this website you will find published testimonies from past clients, including a four-legged friend which is a true testament to how animal healing can unfold. Please be aware, all testimonies are provided with my clients consent and best regards.

Below story and recordings took place during the COVID-pandemic, specifically November 2020. In most cases, I prefer to be physically present with the pet and its owner when facilitating animal healing, but due to the COVID lockdown and the fact I wasn't in Australia at the time of the incident, it was agreed with the pet owner I would facilitate energy healing by long-distance. The healing I facilitate for pets and animals is called Reconnective Animals ®. 


The incident was a sudden heart-stroke of a dog called FELIX. Unfortunately, this caused left side hemiparesis or unilateral paresis, meaning paralysis of Felix's left-side body - in particular, after the admission to the local vet hospital, the paralysis was noticeable as Felix was not able to support his back legs.

The impact of a heart stroke hemiparesis can indeed be very severe and traumatic for both the pet and the pet owner. Pending various health conditions of the dog, often the recovery period of hemiparesis can take months and in some cases years of intense physio and hydrotherapy treatments before being able to walk again.


Thanks to Reconnective Animals ®, the hemiparesis took an immediate and positive turn. As you will find from below healing testimony - the healing Felix received did indeed help him recover with tremendous speed and he is now better prepared for his hydrotherapy and what other challenges lies ahead of him.     

Below testimony is split into stages of events so that you can better understand the timeline of the recovery. Please note, in the unfortunate event you should experience a similar situation with your pet,  always do as this dog owner did - first thing to do is to admit your dog to a vet hospital first.

If you want me to facilitating animal healing for you, please feel free to book an appointment with me. 

Healing of Hemiparesis in a Dog




DAY 1​

The Result of Reconnective Animals ®

Date of healing ; 12/11/2020

Subject; Heart stroke hemiparesis in a dog
Modality; Alternative Distance Healing

Testimonial: Heart stroke hemiparesis

Two days after Felix was discharged from the vet hospital, he was not able to walk or run and he had no appetite - just laying in bed, not able to move freely on his own.

If he needed to go for a wee his dog owner would have to carry him outside, no strength in his back legs to hold up his body.



- Healing Session 1​ -

The Result of Reconnective Animals ®

Date of healing ; 13/11/2020 & 14/11/2020

Subject; Heart stroke hemiparesis in a dog
Modality; Alternative Distance Healing

Testimonial: Heart stroke hemiparesis

After the first healing session was done, I received several text messages from Felix's dog owner.


The first message received was after the dog owner went and checked up on Felix in the early morning - although Felix was still a sleep, the dog owner couldn’t believe what had happened.... Overnight, Felix had turned and moved his body on his own for the first time ...


Later same day, Felix is capable of getting up on his own - as per the short video clip, Felix’s condition has clearly improved.

Although Felix still seems weak, the video illustrates he is able to get out of bed and walk around on his own.

After having received the video clip, I wrote back to the dog owner and expressed by gratitude for the detailed feedback - telling her, there is more to unfold in the coming days.

Based upon Felix quick response to the healing received, I decided to facilitate another healing session for him - this session took place a few days after. For further information on the results of the second healing session (Day 3), please refer to below video clip and comments.


- Healing Session 2 -

The Result of Reconnective Animals ®

Date of healing ; 17/11/2020

Subject; Heart stroke hemiparesis in a dog
Modality; Alternative Distance Healing

Testimonial: Heart stroke hemiparesis

Felix is getting his appetite back and is now capable of going for longer walks without his back legs giving in.

As per the next video clip again, received from the dog owner. Felix is starting to feel much better - same day, I received a thank you message from Felix and the dog owner. Felix now feels I am part of his family, which is nice.. (Click the image to enlarge the message).​​​


After this session, the dog owner informs me Felix can run with a kind of a goose step - his left back leg swings out to the side. This is exciting news, however, Felix is not capable of going up the staircase. The latter is 'normal' after paralysis of the nervous system. To get Felix to go up and down staircases freely, this require physio and hydrotherapy treatments, also known as water cure treatments.

For further information on how Felix is progression after the second healing, please refer to below video clip and comments, (day 4).

When facilitation healing for animals, I usually do three sessions. In the case of FELIX, it was decided to do the final  distance healing session the day before his hydrotherapy treatment was scheduled at his local vet hospital.

In the attached video clip - Felix's hydrotherapy has begun. Notice how well Felix is walking. With further physio and hydrotherapy treatments, the vet is expecting further improvements.  

It can be very difficult for a dog to recover from heart-stroke hemiparesis, it is not uncommon the recovery period takes months and even years before getting positive results.

In the case of Felix, it has been proven it is worth considering combining general medicine and hospital practises with alternative treatments - also referred to integrative research and medicine.

If you are considering alternative healing for your pet, please feel free to book a animal healing session today.


- Healing Session 3 -

The Result of Reconnective Animals ®

Date of healing ; 20/11/2020

Subject; Heart stroke hemiparesis in a dog
Modality; Alternative Distance Healing

Testimonial: Heart stroke hemiparesis

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