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I get many questions from individuals wanting to find out what is Reconnective Healing® is, who is Dr Eric Pearl (the founder of The Reconnection®), can this new healing spectrum help me, can it cure my disease, illness or affliction?  

You will be able to find answers to some of these questions within this website - and as you slowly expand your knowledge and understanding of Reconnective Healing® you will find that this might just be what you have been looking for.

As an alternative healer, I am a strong advocate of integrative medicine and approaches - and I encourage you to start your own research to find out if Reconnective Healing® is for you.


Online testimonials and documentation are plentiful - it has been made available for you to read, hoping this will give you an idea of how far conventional and integrative medicine research has come today and if indeed this is for you. 

The research, the experiments, the treatments and indeed the scientific documentation supporting Reconnective Healing ® concludes that this new broader spectrum of healing is indeed real. It is detectable, measurable and has proven to be quite remarkable for some.  

Find out what's baffling the medical community across the globe and why prominent doctors and medical researcher are so interested in the extraordinary healings reported by clients and patients across the globe.

There are plenty of astounding healing stories and accounts of Reconnective Healing®, including - one of the most well known healing stories of this century is the one of 5-year-old Demitriosis from Greece who was born with Cerebral Palsy. 


As documented in the movie/video called 'THE LIVING MATRIX' - Demetrio's parents decided to give Reconnective Healing® a try.

The outcome of the healing received was indeed profound and is a true testament to this work. 


To view Demetrio's inspiring healing story, simply activate the video by clicking the play button. 

Reconnective Healing showcased in The Living Matrix   YouTube
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Dr. Eric Pearl, the pioneer of Reconnective Healing and Demitriosis's mother explains the healing of Cerebral Palsy.  [©: The Living Matrix]

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