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Duration of session(s): Psychic Reading (35 min) & Distance Healing (45 min)


Ready to meet Scandinavia's most trusted psychic, then take advantage of this special offer and SAVE BIG.

for your highest good 

In need of guidance, wanting to know what is next? Or maybe you are just curious about how to change your life path and prepare for what is coming around the corner?

Many are facing uphill struggles these days, it is no secret the world is changing at a rapid pace and sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  It can be difficult juggling the challenging decisions you face - be it in the relationship you have, in your family, your business, your career path, your health, your home, or even when you have to make important financial or legal decision(s).

Finding the best online psychic isn't always easy - and how do you filter through the many psychics out there, you may ask?  A good start when searching for a psychic is that there is good chemistry between the two of you and make sure he/she is well equipped to provide you with advice  that is right for your highest good.

Moreover, you also want to ensure your psychic has good ethics - afterall good standards and ethics are the building block to a successful reading, because it will help you determine if your psychic and indeed the information you receive during a reading can be TRUSTED.

Psychic Medium Healer


Another important thing to consider, is to ensure your psychic has online testimonies available for your perusal, so that you can get a understanding of what other clients have experienced when they went on their psychic journey. Finally, you will also want to establish if the values and beliefs of your psychic resonates with your own values - after all, this is the only way you can go into a reading feeling safe and that you are in good hands at all time during a reading.

And this is where a certified psychic (clairvoyant) from an international accredited spiritual school, institutions or academy with extensive knowledge is of most benefit to you - providing you with valuable information just when you most need it.

To give you the opportunity to connect with one of Scandinavia's most TRUSTED Psychic, Medium Healer, a introductory video has been made available for your viewing.

Click the Youtube video below to explore a bit more about Scandinavia's trusted Psychic, this will further help you decide if your next psychic reading will be with him.

Henrik shares some of his experience as a spiritual advisor, psychic, medium healer.

This is your time of discovery

The advantage of connecting with Scandinavia's leading psychic is that you get the opportunity to experience what it feels like when a psychic goes beyond the traditional fortune-telling approaches. This is something Henrik learned when he joined the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development - (LWISSD) in the USA.


Today, Henrik is a most TRUSTED Psychic who strives to go beyond his intuition and the traditional processes when performing a psychic reading.

His special gift as a psychic medium healer is his ability to establish a sacred connection with the Spiritual world.  This also  what makes him thrive. Learn more about Henrik today.  

Trusted Psychic


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Certified Psychic Medium Healer🙏
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