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" The following is my testimonial after my 4 visits to Henrik (Henry) for The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing sessions.

The experience for me as a whole was an embodiment of highly energetic frequencies, truly profound & in some ways difficult to find the words to truly praise.

Henry & his professional, friendly & most of all connectedness to what I can only term as "the frequencies", in my limited understanding of it`s power.

I myself have been studying & experiencing a wide variety of energy healing techniques & it appears to me, with complete clarity that what Dr Eric Pearl says is true which is, "it includes all of those other modalities". & the phrase "I Don't Know" really sums up it's essence.

Henry (Henrik) held & has so much Grace & Gratitude about him which allowed this healing to take place. By healing I mean in the sense of a knowing that all is healed & being healed as required. I call this healing a raising of my consciousness which is necessary for intervention to take place which I understand may sound confusing to many.

So let me keep this as simple as I can & say that after my sessions with Henry (Henrik )I was buzzing from head to toe, I melted into the moment & felt weightless with a present & clear mind feeling happy for no good reason.

I know that I am processing physical, mental, emotional & spiritual recovery on a cellular level from every session as time moves on, & most of all my openness, acceptance & practice of "allowing" without doubt that all is being revealed in its own time.

To me this is very much a sign of new beginnings on this planet & I look forward myself as a part of my purpose here to becoming a vessel for this divine universal intelligence & practitioners like Henry (Henrik) who knows we are all connected & love heals EVERYTHING. As Dr Eric Pearl says Heal others, Heal yourself.....its how things work"

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