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" I came across Reconnective Healing totally by chance whilst researching healing therapies. I was intrigued & thought that I’d like to give it a go.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but on meeting Henry (Henrik) & chatting to him prior to the commencement of the 1st session I felt quite at ease & was very much looking forward to getting started.

Henry (Henrik) was very sincere & reassuring & gave me some background information about Reconnective Healing & his own experience with it before we started.

At the first session I experienced some twitching of various fingers & at one time felt that I had one leg crossed over the other, which of course I didn’t. I saw a few images, but nothing specific. The images floated in & out of my awareness. Overall it was a very relaxing & pleasant experience & I left feeling very calm & at peace with myself. I am not a bad sleeper, but that night I slept more deeply than I usually do & woke feeling totally calm & at peace with the world.

At the second session I experienced much more twitching particularly in my legs & I felt the need to swallow quite frequently. At one point I felt hot, then normal, then cold. I also felt some tingling on one side of my face & upper arms. After this session I didn’t feel the same calmness as I had on the 1st occasion & if anything I felt a little agitated, but this feeling passed quite quickly. I noticed the stiffness I’ve had in my thumb, which often makes it difficult to hold a pen & to write had significantly improved.

With the third session I felt that I was totally relaxed & once again had images floating in & out of my consciousness without really remembering any of them.

In conclusion I am noticing that I am much more focused, clear headed, energetic & far calmer than I used to be. I have no hesitation in recommending Reconnective Healing, as it will bring very positive changes to one’s life. "

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