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I received 4 consecutive Reconnective Healing treatments from Henrik in Sydney (September 2012). Before I came to the clinic I had been suffering very extreme menopause symptoms for nearly 2 years. I had been treated by my doctors, my acupuncturist and herbalist and the Royal Women's Hospital Menopause Clinic in Sydney - so by the time I saw Henrik, I was taking HRT, herbs and having acupuncture. My symptoms were so severe that my Doctor referred me to the Menopause clinic at RWH.

All the treatments from traditional methods worked for a month or if I was lucky 6 weeks maximum but each time my old symptoms returned like an old friend -the hot sweats, sleep interrupted nights, mood swings, dizziness and nausea, listlessness and a whole range of other life crushing symptoms. Nothing I tried gave me sustained relief from these all-pervading symptoms.

Let me explain my history ;

" I was pushed into severe menopause symptoms 2 years after having a hysterectomy - the sudden crashing of my hormones after the operation pushed my body into chaos. No one told me the consequences of having a hysterectomy and that it would most likely push me into severe menopause. In addition no one can tell you definitively when it will end – possibly in 2 years or even as long as 10 years. That's a long time to be so unwell. My condition was wrecking my life - at home and work.

In my desperation to curb the sweating (3 flushes each hour) and get my life back I saw Henrik at the clinic and put my faith in Reconnective Healing. I was totally amazed with the results - I felt better after the first session - happier and healthier – to tell the truth I couldn't put out my finger exactly on the changes at first -but after the final treatment my symptoms totally disappeared - and have stayed away now for 5 months. I am a totally new woman -back to my old self again.

I said goodbye to the hot sweats, sleepless nights, depression, listlessness and nausea and hello to being able to exercise every morning before going to work, sleep long nights and be at work without having to worry about embarrassing sweating and flushing. The Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection have really changed my life - given me back my health and a new zest for life. I would recommend it to all women going through menopause. "

You probably find like me little success in the traditional treatments and little sympathy - not even Australia's best specialist menopause clinic could help me in the way the reconnective healing did. I am glad I put my faith in it and gave it a go!

I highly recommend Henrik and this new healing approach. What is even better about it is I am also now totally drug and herbal remedy free. No more expensive herbal and drug charges, it is truly amassing and life changing!

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