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" I found Reconnective Healing while researching treatments to help relieve my CFS and Hashimotos symptoms. I had done a lot of energy work previously, and because the Reconnective Healing people were claiming to have a ‘new’ energy frequency, I decided to give it a go.

I expected to feel the usual energy that ‘healers’ use, but this energy was extremely different to anything I had ever experienced. It had a power that was truly incredible. I’ve never felt an energy force with such strength, heat and power.

The first sensation was like an incredibly hot beam of light penetrating deep into my head. I thought Henry (Henrik) must have incredibly hot hands to radiate that kind of heat, but then I realised that he was near my feet not my head! Throughout the session this ‘heat’ moved to all parts of my body.

Over a number of sessions, the heat energy seemed to transform into a finer and more refined ‘wave’ of energy that gently pulsated throughout my body and produced a deep feeling of connection and balance.

While I wasn’t instantly healed, I can feel a very deep change has occurred. I feel more balanced, centered, and comfortable in my skin. And the symptoms and stresses that my body was under have greatly reduced.

The space that Henry (Henrik) has created to do his healing work has a fantastic feel to it. And he makes you feel very safe and comfortable, which makes it easy to talk about difficult subjects. Getting to know him I can honestly say that he is a great person that I trust wholeheartedly. I would, and do, openly recommend Reconnective Healing, and Henry, to anyone I talk to. "

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