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I have over 10 years experience in healing and I have also had the pleasure working as a psychic medium abroad. For me it is paramount my clients know who I am and what my values are, and what my belief system is all about so that they can feel comfortable and safe when in my company.

My ethical rules follow the international guidelines and recommendations for client safety within the modality of healing, psychic and mediumship, including the enormous responsibility I have chosen to take when working as an international psychic, medium and healer.

It is important to me my clients have a good healing experience with me - that's is why I always make sure to answer any questions before I start a session. Most importantly, I also ask about what the expectations are for my services, this to establish if I am the right person for my clients.

I think it is important to share experiences with as many people as possible - in fact, listening to other people's healing stories is an important part of your own healing process. The same can be said about the healing messages that are passed on from the spiritual universe, where listening to other people's life stories and messages often feels like you would have received a healing yourself. And this is why I encourage my clients to share their experiences with me on this website.

If you want to share your experience with other people, please feel free to submit the feedback form below. Please note, it is only your first name, your location and the feedback itself that will be displayed on the Internet - all information on this domain follows the GDPR rules that apply in the EU.



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