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" I had come across Reconnective Healing through a couple of different avenues, i.e. reading forums on support of menopause, which lead me to dig a little deeper. I then reviewed Doctor Pearls site and found this most interesting.

As someone that is constantly looking for ways to better support my emotional, physical and spiritual side felt that this modality was where I needed to be. Menopause is an issue for a lot of women, however I also threw in a job after 19 years and felt that my body was in crisis – yes I listen to my body, and it was not happy so decided to pursue the healing aspect of this programme.

From the first session, the feeling that I had was one of calmness and balance. My husband had noted that I was not whinging about my ailments, mostly aches and pains. I had absolutely no expectations of these sessions but to be still, a rare occurrence for me.

The sessions were interesting from a sensation viewpoint. My body seemed to twitch without my permission, and I experienced feelings of someone stoking my hair and yet I could sense that the practitioner (Henrik) was nowhere near this end of my body. I am not someone who is visual, I did not see images, but I did see colour. I saw an image of very tall trees but the sky was dark, and then in a matter of seconds this image changed to beautiful blue sky, almost the feeling from darkness to light.

To say that I am satisfied with the healing is good, but I feel that the magic may continue to happen. I am a person that likes instant gratification, but I believe that I am still in the process of discovering what may unfold from this experience.

Henry (Henrik) offers a quiet place of contemplation. He has the ability to make you feel comfortable. His energy is calming. His ability to be able to tell his story, but at the same time allow you to discover yourself is paramount in his approach. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and find the same peace that I discovered along the way. "

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